Reinstallation Tritons water fountains

In 2019, the Château undertook the restoration of the Tritons basins and fountains. The groups of sculpture, representing Naiads and Tritons, will be put back in place in April 2020.

Triton fountainsThe two pools created by Le Nôtre disappeared in the 18th century, but were restituted in the late 19th century by the architect Hyppolite Destailleurs at the request of Alfred Sommier, with some differences: they were made larger and two sculptures of groups were placed at their centers, representing Tritons and Naiads blowing water from a shell. Designed in 1888 /1889, the fountains were done by the sculptor Emile Peynot. They are made of a layer of lead laid over a structure of puddle iron forming a stiff understructure, fixed on a masonry base Leaks in their basins, problems with the functioning of the jets and the hydraulic system, disintegration of the bases and deterioration of the sculpture groups: the fountains were suffering from numerous ailments. Their restoration began in the spring of 2019, on-site (basins) and at the foundry (sculptures).

gilded Triton fountainThe restoration, which cost 710,000 €, was financed by Vaux-le-Vicomte, the Marina Kellen French Foundation, the DRAC, the Région Ile-de-France and the Département de Seine et Marne.

Key figures

  • The two sculpture groups will be put back in place in April 2020.
  • Each of them, of a total weight of 3 tons, necessitated 1,800 hours of work in the foundry, before being re-gilded.
  • Their 40 m2 of surface is covered with 7,000 pieces of gold leaf.

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