Due to the measures taken by the government concerning the COVID-19 virus, we inform you that the Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte will be closed from today until further notice.


Being a public-opened establishment, we respect the laws decreed by the French government concerning gatherings.

Confinement orders will not enable us to prepare the events of Easter and of the Grand Siècle Day. These events will therefore be cancelled, unless a rapid regulation of the current sanitary situation is noticed.

Moreover, we recall the report of the following events: Candlelit evenings, Styx and the new animation “Vatel, backstage before the party”, to July 4, 2020.


We thank all of you for your warm support messages and wish you strength in this hardship.


How to buy your tickets?

On the spot: by credit card, American Express, cash.

Online: buy your undated ticket in advance to have a faster access to the estate during rush hours!



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