Open during Candlelight Evenings

Outdoor bar Le Songe de Vaux

Songe de Vaux

Located at the Grilles d’eau, overlooking Le Nôtre’s spectacular gardens, this outdoor bar offers deck chairs in which to relax while sipping champagne, fruit cocktail and nibbling macaroons.  

From Saturday from May 20 to September 30 and every Friday in July and August, from 5:30 PM to 10:00 PM.


To facilitate your venue to the Songe de Vaux bar, don’t hesitate to buy your drinks and macarons in advance by clicking the following links:

Glass of Champagne: 15€

Fruit cocktail: 9,50€

Macaroons: 12,50€



Caution :

  • Due to its location, the Songe de Vaux can be displaced in case of bad weather. We encourage our visitors to check the weather forecast before coming.
  • The deck chairs are subject to availability – we advise you to avoid rush hours.

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