Festivity and Splendor


As of October 17th and for the 15th year, “Vaux-le-Vicomte’s illuminations” will see the château bedecked with thousands of decorations and lights, transporting the visitor to a magic universe…Festivity and splendor will occupy the place of honor, to the delight of children both young and old: courtyards and outbuildings, the château and the garden à la française will be transformed into a wonderland where lights and activities promise an enchanted moment, one where time is suspended for the whole family!  


A monumental sound and light show projected on the façade of the château will bring each day in this fairyland to a close!

Décors Noël


Book online ! (Reservations required)

Special offer: during October break (October 17 to November 1), enjoy a 9€ “garden only” ticket, including the garden animations, the visit of the Carriage Museum, the video mapping and the free gift for all children !

From October 17 to November 1: enjoy the “Garden only” ticket!


Fancy-dress for the Children during the Toussaint vacation


From October 17 to November 1, the château will celebrate children! Each child will have the opportunity of being costumed at no cost, seeing himself or herself as musketeer or princess for the time of the visit. (Costumes disinfected by steam after each wearing.) 

Fun workshops for children to create their own masks will also be proposed at no cost, allowing them to wear their handiwork for a masked visit of the château just like during the Grand Siècle! (Workshops will take place on the first floor of the château, maximum 10 children, no reservation necessary.)

In the garden, take in the exceptional sight of the fountains in operation from 4 to 5 p.m., every day during the Toussaint vacation.


A dazzling palace of enchantment!

Noël 2017 (C) Collectif imageFrom the moment of your arrival, plunge into the dazzling, colorful world of Bears on Parade in the carriages of the not-to-be-missed  Musée des Équipages! After a quick stop to say hello to the sheep in the  Équipages courtyard, you’ll find the château and the garden waiting for you, entirely lit by nearly 4000 meters of garlands of lights. At the entry of the garden, treat yourself to a snack at the Kiosque Gourmand which you’ll be able to enjoy on the Terrasse du Bénitier where you’ll find wooden toys to entertain the children free of charge during a welcome pause!

To visit the gardens à la française, let yourself be tempted by a ride in one of the horse-drawn carriages! (Supplementary charge, payable on the spot in cash or by check.)

Not to be missed! Each day, every child up to the age of 17 is invited to hunt for a surprise gift at the Chalet des Grilles d’Eau, leaving with a unique souvenir from this magical day. 

Every day as well, a treasure hunt will allow children to hunt for two golden hazelnuts, redeemable for presents! (Twice a day.)

Starting on 7 November, the estate will be dressed in its holiday finery in the run up to Christmas with garlands of lights in the boxwood and topiaries,  the entrance way to the château lined with majestic Christmas trees, and a pathway framed with luminous forest creatures to guide the children to a chalet full of presents.


A château outdoing itself with sumptuous decorations

Décorations lumières illuminations - 2019Inside the château, one reception room succeeds another, each with its own unique charms!  La Grande Chambre Carrée proposes a room devoted to music, animated by animals created by Michel Taillis whereas the Salon des Muses, covered with gold, represents a moonlit sonata. In the Games Room, a sculpture in chocolate 1.8 meter-tall, made by Comptoir du Cacao will tempt anyone with a sweet tooth, while the silvery fairyland by Canasuc awaits them in the Antechamber of Hercules! 

In the Grand Salon, the central room of the château, discover a monumental, 8 meter-high chandelier composed of 12 000 sparkling lights! Under this majestic chandelier, four sumptuous tables twinkle with the 1001 details of their silver services and decoration.

The Library, the King’s Bedchamber and the Salle des Buffets will be decorated with the blues of chinoiseries, with a verdant manger scene and a superb banquet by Villeroy & Boch!

All through the château, real fires in the fire places (from 7 November) and festive baroque music will complete the timeless, magical ambiance…


A video mapping on the château

For the second year, the estate will present a monumental projection covering the entire façade of the château to visitors! Perfectly conforming to the architecture and the  decoration of the façade to enliven and bring them to life, mapping transforms the edifice into a dreamlike universe… Thanks to the animated images and the sound track that goes with it, 5 scenes evoke and reinterpret in a poetic, artistic way, key moments in the history of Vaux-le-Vicomte.
The sculptures, architecture and details of the monument are sublimated by the 3D effects of the innovative illuminations, against music blending baroque and contemporary, and various sound  effects.
The projection, lasting a total of 8 minutes.


Video mapping schedule:

October 17 to 247.30 PM
October 25 to November 16.30 – 7 – 7.30 PM
November 7 to 156.30 – 7 PM
November 21 to 296 – 6.45 PM
December 2 to January 36 – 6.30 – 7 PM

(December 24 and 31 : only one video mapping, at 6 PM)

Book online ! (Reservations required)


A Christmas of solidarity

For the 3rd year, Vaux-le-Vicomte will join with the Croix Rouge to provide a beautiful Christmas for all children: during this event, children are invited to bring a present to the Croix Rouge stand at the entry to the estate. The presents collected by the Croix Rouge in Seine-et-Marne, will be wrapped and given to disadvantaged children and their families, who will be invited free of charge by the estate to spend a magic, privileged moment.


Usedul information: plan your visit

October 17 to November 1Every day2.45 to 6. 15 PM
November 7 to 22Saturdays and Sundays11.45 AM to 5.15 PM
November 25 to December 18Wednesdays to Fridays2.45 to 6. 15 PM
November 25 to December 18Saturdays and Sundays11.45 AM to 7.15 PM
December 19 to January 3Every day11.45 AM to 7.15 PM
December 24 and 31Thursdays, December 24 and 3111.45 AM to 4.15 PM
December 25 and January 1Fridays, December 25 and January 12.45 to 7.15 PM

Caution: in order to respect sanitary measures, Vaux-le-Vicomte’s illuminations is only available uppon online reservation, includling for free entries (Friends of Vaux-le-Vicomte, annual passes, children under 6, invitations…).

Special offer: during October break (October 17 to November 1), enjoy a 9€ “garden only” ticket, including the garden animations, the visit of the Carriage Museum, the video mapping and the free gift for all children !

From October 17 to November 1: enjoy the “Garden only” ticket!


Book online ! (Reservations required)


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(Non-binding visuals and video )

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