The great egg hunt

Invitation to the court, immersion in the French art of living

Useful information

Date: April 8, 9 and 10 2023
Schedules: 10am to 5h30 (last ticket office access)
Rates: full rate 18€, reduced rate 14,50€, garden only 12,50€, free for children under 6 years old.

Throughout the weekend,Vaux-le-Vicomte offers many restaurants options with picnic baskets made up of fresh and local products to be enjoyed in the garden, snacks at the gourmet kiosk and friendly, tasty food at the Relais de l’Écureuil restaurant.


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Welcome to Nicolas Fouquet !

4 giant golden eggs have been scattered in the 33 hectares of the estate’s French garden. Meet the estate’s valets and take up the fun, creative and participative challenges they will present you with to respect the protocols, codes and customs of French savoir-vivre of the Grand Siècle.
Become Fouquet’s brilliant guest and gain access to the court’s great egg hunt!

There will be several egg hunts throughout the day with different levels of difficulty.


For the little ones…

Pâques chasse aux oeufs 2019While children from 1 to 5 years old will go in search of small dummy eggs hidden in the garden, children from 6 to 11 years old will venture into the forest to look for them. They will then exchange their crop for real chocolate eggs.

Start every 30 minutes. 


…teenagers and adults!

Children over 12 years old will be offered a treasure hunt and will have to solve the riddle of the mystery guest of the King’s court… A real treasure hunt whose ultimate goal will be to win a Leonidas chocolate prize.

Adults will in turn be expected at the Parterre d’Alexandre for a colourful egg hunt! A giant game of “1, 2, 3, soleil” led by actors will disturb their competition, forcing them to remain motionless when the Sun is watching them. The fastest and cleverest to find the golden egg will win tickets to the château’s Candlelight Evenings.

Start every 30 minutes. 

A golden squirrel will be hidden near the statue of Hercules…Find it and win a surprise!

Activities for the whole family

To complete this weekend, children can receive free make-up from ITM Paris students, play giant wooden games in the garden, sail boats on the central pond of the garden, or enjoy a pony ride in the gardens.

Pony rides on April 9 and 10 in addition to the entrance ticket.


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