Vaux-le-Vicomte’s illuminations

400th anniversary of the birth of Jean de La Fontaine

For the 16th year of “Vaux-le-Vicomte en lumières” and in honor of the 400th anniversary of  the birth of Jean de La Fontaine, the château will find itself arrayed in thousands of  decorations and lights, plunging the visitor into the magic world of fables…
Animals and the fables in which they figure will be emphasized, to the delight children both young and old:  Courtyards, outbuildings, the château itself, and the garden à la française will be transformed into a land of marvel, where lights and activities promise a moment of enchantment for the whole family, far from the activities of everyday life.

=>NEW! A 360° projection recounting the fable of the Fox and the Squirrel will take place in the Grand Salon, immersing the visitor in a 360° experience!

=>Each of these days of enchantment will end in a sound and light spectacle projected on the façade of the château!

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illuminations lumières jardins vauxeul

NEW! An immersive architectural projection in the Grand Salon

Mapping 360° dans le Grand Salon - Vaux-le-Vicomte en Lumières 2021For the very first time, the visitor will find himself at the center of a immersive 360° experience, with images projected on the 1500 m² of the walls and domed ceiling of the Grand Salon, honoring the friendship between La Fontaine and Fouquet, showcased in the Fable of the Fox and the Squirrel.

Narrated by Laurent Stocker, member of the Comédie Française, the fable—which was only circulated secretly during La Fontaine’s lifetime, and indeed, was not published until a century later—pleads for a more lenient outcome  to Fouquet’s trial.

Length: 5 minutes. The projection is repeated in a continuous loop so that all visitors will be able to enjoy it during their visit to the château.


Immersed in the Fables by Jean de La Fontaine at the château

Décorations Lumières NoëlIn the château, each reception room follows another without looking like the preceding one.
The Great Square Chamber serves as the setting for the fable of The Fox and the Squirrel featuring automatons under a decorated archway, while the Chamber of the Muses represents the fable of The Stag Gazing at its Reflection in Water, with the sumptuous décor of the room mirrored in myriad reflections. The Game Room sees the Fable of The Grasshopper and the Ant come to life thanks to the delightful decorations made of sugar fashioned by Canasuc and natural decorations magnified by NH Paris; while a giant (3m30) animated bear from the Maison Michel Taillis will surprise visitors by recounting the fable of The Bear and the Gardener in the Hercules Antechamber. In the Library, the Tree of Fables is decorated with dozens of scenes taken from fables published by Éditions Auzou. Then comes the King’s Chamber with its traditional Christmas Creche in various tones of immaculate white. The King’s Study illustrates the fable of The Hare and the Tortoise, whereas in the Banquet Room, animals from various fables find themselves at a ball, centered on the sumptuous banquet provided for the dancers.

In the Salle des Gens on the lower level, the delicious décor proposed by Maison Fossier features the fable of The Swan and the Cook: all made of the pale pink ladyfingers  that are a specialty of Reims! While in the kitchen, the fable of The Crow and the Fox in chocolate is presented, made by Comptoir du Cacao.

Throughout the château, traditional fires will blaze in the fireplaces, while festive Baroque music  completes the timeless, magical mood… Princess and musketeer costumes will be available for rental for an unforgettable visit!


A video mapping on the façade of the château

Projection monumentale Noël Lumières

For the third consecutive year, discover the unique monumental projection on the façade of the château! Perfectly conforming to the architecture and the decoration of the façade to enliven and bring them to life, mapping transforms the edifice into a dreamlike universe… Thanks to the animated images and the sound track that goes with it, 6 scenes evoke and reinterpret in a poetic, artistic way, key moments in the history of Vaux-le-Vicomte.
The sculptures, architecture and details of the monument are sublimated by the 3D effects of the innovative illuminations, against music blending baroque and
contemporary, and various sound effects.
NEW: to honour the 400th anniversary of the birth of Jean de La Fontaine, faithful friend of Fouquet, a new scene is added to the projection to show the courageous choices of the fabulist!
3 representations per day: 6 PM, 6.30 PM and 7 PM (only at 6 PM on December 24 and 31), included in the ticket entrance. Duration: 10 minutes.


A marvelous universe

allée sapins lumières jardins NoëlFrom the moment of your arrival, you will discover the Musée des Équipages, where figures of the Court of Louis XIV, arriving at the château in carriages, are transformed into  the animals in Jean de La Fontaine’s writings… Outside the museum, giant reproductions of the drawings in Ludom’s editions illustrating Jean de La Fontaine’s fables show the most celebrated  among them. In the Cour des Équipages, charming sheep will greet each visitor entering this marvelous Palace!
Rows of lighted Christmas trees decorated with animals from the fables leads you to the entrance of the château, like a magic road leading to a fantasy world, while the flowerbed is ornamented by illuminated golden birdcages.
Once in the garden, the visitor has still not seen all the surprises there are in store: the château’s exterior is magnificently decorated. At nightfall, the garden will light up with thousands of strings of lights, making the boxwood, topiary, and—for the first time—the magnificent statues in the garden à la française sparkle.

The Bassin de la Couronne leads visitors along a dreamlike path, plunging  them into the imaginary world of Tchaikovsky’s Swan lake. At the end of this glowing path, visitors are invited to make a wish, note it down and attach it to one of the Wishing Trees.

Enjoy a welcome pause at kiosks proposing tasty snacks on the Terrasse du Bénitier and at the Grilles d’Eau, where oversized wooden games (Pick-up-Sticks, Tic-Tac-Toe, Connect 4, …) invite you to play, free of charge.

Entertainment for children both small and large!  

=> Twice a day, explorers will hunt in the gardens, looking for the golden hazelnuts that allow them to win prizes.

=> A treasure hunt on the trail of Jean de La Fontaine, with visitors invited to find the famous animals from the fables around the statutes of the estate. Children who find all of the clues will be rewarded by a delicious chocolate treat!

=> Each day, the estate will propose snack-and-story-telling. Each child will receive a marshmallow (Chamallows®) to toast at one of the firepits on the terrace of the Orangerie while listening to the verses of Fables by La Fontaine. A heart-warming moment to share with the whole family!

=> To not lose a moment of this this marvelous adventure, electric carts will be available for rental, or, if you prefer, carriage rides (at additional cost and depending on weather conditions).n seul


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A Christmas of solidarity

Vaux-le-Vicomte will join with the Croix Rouge to provide a beautiful Christmas for all children: during this event, children are invited to bring a present to the Croix Rouge stand at the entry to the estate. The presents collected by the Croix Rouge in Seine-et-Marne, will be wrapped and given to disadvantaged children and their families, who will be invited free of charge by the estate on January 2, to spend a magic, privileged moment.


Useful information: mandatory online booking!



From November 20 to December 17: open from Wednesday to Sunday
=> during the week: from 2 PM to 6.45 PM – closure of the estate at 7.45 PM-
=> on weekends: from 11 AM to 6.45 PM – closure of the estate at 7.45 PM-
Christmas holidays from December 18 to January 2:
=> every day from 11 AM to 6.45 PM – closure of the estate at 7.45 PM- (except on December 24 & 31: from 11 AM to 4.45 PM – closure at 5.45 PM). The estate is closed on December 25 and January 1st.



Château + garden ticket:
Adult ticket: 19,90 €
Children / handicaped person tickets: 15€

Garden only ticket (including animations, snack for children and the exterior mapping) :
Garden only adult ticket: 15€ – Garden only children / handicaped person ticket: 14€

FREE under 6 years old
FREE parking

Carriage rides are available from 2 PM to dusk (no carriage ride available on December 15, 18 and 19). 10-minutes rides approximately. No reservation required. Children: 4€ / Adults: 6€. 

Electric cars are available for rental from 12.30 PM to 5.30 PM. No reservation required. 20€ per 45 minutes.

Costume rentabl available inside the château during opening dates and times. No reservation required. Children: 4€ / Adults: 6€.



The kiosk will offer a range of hot and cold beverages, as well as snacks and sandwiches. It is open:

  • during the week (exclunding holidays) from 2 PM to 7 PM
  • during weekends and school Christmas holidays from 12 PM to 7 PM

The Relais de l’Écureuil is a self-service restaurant situated at the entrance of the estate. It is open every weekend and school Christmas holidays, from 11 AM to 6.30 PM.


Bandeau partenaires Lumières

(Video and photos are non-binding: they present images of the previous editions of Vaux-le-Vicomte’s illuminations)

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