Just beyond the ticket office is situated the Carriage Museum. 17th, 18th and 19th century beautiful antique carriages and their equipment are on display in the stable block.  Take a journey back in time in the company of coaches and carriages, teams of horses, coachmen, footmen, and fellow passengers in settings that evoke the city, the country, and the hunt.

Close your eyes, and you will hear the clatter of hoofs on cobblestones and the barking of hounds….

In the second part of the museum, the estate offers an exhibition on two suprising professions; saddler and blacksmith.

Finally, the Carriage museum ends on an exhibition of horse equipment. Harness, bridles, clamping jaw and other maintenance equipments (sweat scraper…) will astonish horse lovers.

The Carriage Museum is free; you can thus enjoy it before or after your visit of the chateau, as you whish!

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