Disabled access

Visitors with reduced mobility


The owner family of the château has two wishes, sometimes conflicting: to preserve the monument and to open it to the greatest number. Unfortunately, the access for disabled persons often requires facilities which are not compatible with the monument preservation as a part of French Heritage.


Installing ramps or tarmac the alleys, for example, would misrepresent the drawing and initial wish of the 17th century creators, and would affect the aesthetics and the preservation of the building as a Historic Monument.


However, as a counterpart, we are planning works and new means of visit to enable disabled persons to discover this masterpiece :


  • Club-cars to discover the gardens;
  • Parking lots will be restructured during Autumn 2018;
  • In 2019, a 3D sound circuit will enable visually impaired people to relive the 17th century history. A similar circuit with tablets is ongoing study.

Vaux-le-Vicomte is a protected Historic Monument with a difficult access for disabled persons or persons with reduced mobility, because of the elevated ground floor, irregular pavements, gravels, etc. Please contact us for more information.


Implemented facilities:

  • Reserved parking spaces and disabled washrooms at the entrance to the estate
  • Reduced entry price (for visitors with reduced mobility presenting a disability card): 10,50€ for a daytime ticket and 13,50€ for a candlelit visit, 7€ for a garden-only ticket
  • Access to the ground floor of the château (this involves about 30 steps – the staff is available to help should you require assistance)
  • Access to the cafeteria
  • Electric buggies (four seats, 20€ for 45 minutes) can be rented in the gardens, except for the Grand Siècle Day.


Please note that pushchairs and strollers are not allowed inside the château but are welcome throughout the rest of the estate.

Pets are not allowed on the estate, except for guide dogs.

Picnics are allowed in designated picnic areas.

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