2020 events

Find out about the 2020 events of the Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte!

Due to the measures taken by the government concerning the COVID-19 virus, we inform you that the Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte will be closed from today until further notice.


Being a public-opened establishment, we respect the laws decreed by the French government concerning gatherings.

Confinement orders will not enable us to prepare the events of Easter and of the Grand Siècle Day. These events will therefore be cancelled, unless a rapid regulation of the current sanitary situation is noticed.

Moreover, we recall the report of the following events: Candlelit evenings, Styx and the new animation “Vatel, backstage before the party”, to July 4, 2020.


We thank all of you for your warm support messages and wish you strength in this hardship.


Surround-sound immersive visit 2020

A new immersive surround-sound visit

For the first time in a château in France, visitors are able to relive the history of the 17th century, thanks to a 3-D sound system. The immersive sound visit plunges the visitor into the center of History, which comes alive thanks to the sound environment: historic figures awake and come alive around him.

Free ! (included in the entrance fee) Learn more !


Easter at Vaux - 2020 events

Grand Siècle Easter (April 11, 12 and 13)

[Canceled event] THE GREATEST EGG HUNT IN FRANCE! A giant scavenger hunt will allow visitors to follow the traces of famous figures from the Grand Siècle. Decorations, face-painting, pony rides, activities and egg hunts for all ages (children, adolescents, adults) will contribute to the convivial atmosphere of this family day. Book online now!



Easter decorations

Easter holidays (April 4 to 19)

[Canceled event] Visitors are invited to enjoy the Easter festivities at the château for two weeks! Spring decorations, free face-painting and a Grand Siècle scavenger hunt over the whole estate will be available, to the delight of young and old during the Easter school vacation (Zone C), along with a gift for every child!



Grand Siècle

Grand Siècle day (June 7, 2020)

[Canceled event] Spend a day costumed in the fashions of the Grand Siècle, where Baroque and popular dances mix with skits performed by musketeers and carriage rides, for a unique experience in the art of living à la française at the time of Louis XIV and Nicolas
Fouquet! The château invites costumed persons to compose real tableaux vivants, while the contest of most lavish picnic will reward most beautiful displays of the art de la table.
Visitors are invited to vote for their favourite costumes, unveiled before everyone during the tradictionnal parade!



The Styx, River of the Underworld

Presenting an exceptional adventure on the underground river which was diverted by Le Nôtre in 1654 during the creation of the French gardens, this specially designed trip is fun and interactive, and draws on La Fontaine’s text “The Love of Cupid and Psyche”. Equipped with headlamps and thigh boots, you will be guided along the Styx, river of the classical underworld, participating in a series of agility and logic tests. An unprecedented and intense adventure brought to life by professional actors! More information here!


Christmas (C) Collectif image

Vaux-le-Vicomte celebrates Christmas! – online booking required

For the 15th year, the Vaux-le-Vicomte estate will transform itself for the Christmas period into an enchanted palace. Visitors will be invited to discover a colorful Christmas through the magical illumination of the gardens and the château, and the marvelous decorations and surprises in reception rooms fragrant with cinnamon and gingerbread. Fires in the hearths and carriage rides will complete this magic moment independent of time and space. More information here!
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