Vaux-le-Vicomte celebrates Christmas


The magic of vintage toys


In 2018, the Chateau of Vaux-le-Vicomte will celebrate Christmas with a magnificent themed display for the 13th year running. From November 24, the 17th-century château will be decked with thousands of decorations to give visitors the experience of Christmas past. This year the theme is vintage toys, which will delight children and adults alike. The chateau, its courtyards, outbuildings and immaculate French gardens will be transformed into a wonder world, where twinkling lights and animations will enchant the entire family.


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Caution: before your visit, please find the Useful Information at the end of this page


NEW: Vaux-le-Vicomte open during the week (Wednesday to Friday) before December 22!

To celebrate these new opening hours, the château will offer free costume rental to all children under the age of 18 who visit during the week (Wednesday to Friday) from November 28 to December 21!


The fantastic world of toys

Noël 2017 (C) Collectif image

From the first moment you arrive, you will be plunged into a universe of splendid Christmas display windows at the Musée des Équipages, the kind that—when our parents and grandparents were young—lit up department stores as the holidays approached. Trains, sleds and wooden trucks shimmer under golden garlands of lights and Christmas trees, while a display of authentic miniature trains from 1900 extends over more than 20 m 2!

In the Cour des Équipages, a kiosk of sweet Christmas specialties completes this prelude to your discovery of the château.

On the way, you’ll find trees, presents and garlands of lights decorating the Cour d’Honneur and the facade of Nicolas Fouquet’s Palace, plunging you into a world of wonder, surrounded by toys from Christmases past.


Palace of toys

Décorations de Noël

In the château, one reception room comes after the other, each one more exquisite than the last! In each room on the ground floor, there is a different world to discover with its own décors, ambiances and fragrances: a marionette theater, snow-covered Christmas trees and stuffed bears, reconstitutions of a family Christmas Eve and Christmas morning and a wonderland of toys for the delight of all children, large or small!

With our partners Histoire d’Ours, Villeroy & Boch and Thévenon, the staff of the estate has prepared  an intoxicatingly fabulous visit to sumptuous banquets and Christmas trees studded with adorable stuffed animals…


Noël à Vaux-le-Vicomte 2017 (C) Franklin Lecointre

The Grand Salon, principal room of the Château, is surely the most impressively decorated for the Christmas festivities at Vaux-le-Vicomte. This year, a 10-meter-high, hot-air balloon floats in decorative majesty above a fairyland forest—for your delight and admiration!

The kitchens, too, will be the focus of the visit for every sweet tooth, its tables piled with chocolate, macaroons and cakes beautifully trimmed for the occasion by Frédéric Cassel, pastry chef for Relais Desserts. After all these delicious delights, children over 6 will each be able to go home with a piece of Christmas spice bread, furnished by Maison Fossier!


Throughout the château, fires will blaze in the fireplaces, as the smells of Christmas (cinnamon, honey, orange, etc.) complete the timelessness of this magic moment.


A fairyland of illumination in the garden

Noël lanternes jouets ourson (C) Conseil Départemental de la Moselle

In 2018, the château will surpass itself, proposing even more decorations and lights in the jardins à la française than ever before! Illuminating woodland groves and the basin, more than 60 giant lantern-toys mark the path to follow, accompanying you on an enchanted discovery of the gardens, day or night.

At the end of the lamp-lit pathway, children from ages 3 to 12 will receive a PAPO surprise gift, to prolong this magic day with a souvenir to take home.

The youngest of our visitors will have a chance to win one of the 2 stuffed-rabbit-cuddly toys offered each day by Doudou & Compagnie.

To extend this marvelous adventure, linger on in the gardens, this time visiting them by horse-driven carriages! (additional charge)

At nightfall, the gardens light up, their boxwood and topiaries glittering by the light of thousands of strings of lights, under the watchful gaze of a giant (five-meters high!) squirrel, emblem of the first owner of the estate, Nicolas Fouquet.


A caring Christmas

In 2018, Vaux-le-Vicomte joins the Croix Rouge to help all children enjoy a Merry Christmas: during the holiday period, children are invited to bring a toy or other present, leaving it at the entrance to the Musée des Équipages. These gifts will be collected by the Croix Rouge de Seine et Marne, wrapped, and given to underprivileged children and their families, invited by the estate on Sunday, January 6 to enjoy their own special moment of magic!


Visit during the week before school vacation: a great idea!

NEW: Vaux-le-Vicomte open during the week (Wednesday to Friday) before December 22.

To celebrate these new opening hours, the château will offer free costume rental to all children under the age of 18 who visit during the week (Wednesday to Friday) from November 28 to December 21!


After Christmas, Twelfth Night!

From 2 to 6 January 2019, Vaux-le-Vicomte invites you to celebrate the Festival of the Magi. All children will receive a piece of couronne des rois briochée (Three-Kings Brioche) furnished by Pasquier, with the chance of being crowned King or Queen if they find the favor hidden inside!


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The staff’s tips!

NEW! This year, enjoy a fast access to the estate!
Purchase your tickets online on our official website and print them to access the estate faster during rush hours! (Printing is mandatory  to benefit from this specific access, tickets cannot be shown on Smartphones or tablets.)
(Important: this system is implemented only during week-ends and holidays. In order to avoid the crowd, we still strongly recommend to visit the estate from Wednesday to Friday and/or before 2 PM.) 

You are willing to spend an entire day at Vaux-le-Vicomte? Click HERE to consult our day program suggestion.
Did you know? All illuminations are turned on at 11 AM! Inside the château, shutters are closed to enjoy the lit up rooms at any time of the day or night. Besides, to visit the entire garden, we strongly recommend to plan a day visit before enjoying the exterior enlightenments in the evening…


Useful information :

Dates and opening hours
24 November-23 December: Wednesday to Sunday, 11 AM to 5.45 PM (6.45 PM on Saturdays and Sundays)
24 December to 6 January : Daily, 11 AM to 6.45 PM (closed Christmas Day and New Year’s Day)
Please note that on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve the last entry is at 4.45pm

USEFUL: Find the opening dates and hours on a calendar and consult rush hours by clicking HERE.


Chateau and exhibitions:

Adults (over 18): €19.50
Children (6-17 years): €13.50
Free for children under 6

Gardens only: €15.

Supplement for horse-drawn carriage rides: €3 for children (to 10) and €5 for adults. Cash only, no booking. From 11.30 AM to 5.30 PM. Under availability and weather conditions.







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